Back at it today. Ahh, feels good to be doing something normal again. Also, anyone wear this cuff? Is it super heavy? I prefer it in rose gold...but it seems like a real clunker.


  1. Okay it is about time I outed myself as a huge fan and blog stalker. As for the bracelet, I think I would probably poke myself in the eye with it... so not such a fan. As for your artwork I totally love it and swoon over all your new posts. Am glad to see some work in progress - in fact those are my favorite kinds of pictures. Lastly - was your painting featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine? I picked up the most recent edition and there is an Atlanta based interior designer (?) featured who has a painting on her mantel that reminds me of your work. It seemed possible... and if so, you should get a credit I think!

  2. Yay, so glad you're back at it. I hope your hand is healing and your cold is a memory. Always, always love seeing your work.

  3. Did your client like the painting? I'm curious to know lol


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