I drove into Timbuktu last night, rocking out to eighties songs in the Golden Buddha (my gold mini van, it has no back seats, it needs flame decals!!) Anyway, this little beauty is mine now, and will serve as a place for Buff to pack up paintings, and for having lunch and for serving up cocktails at parties...sooooo

 Help me pick out some counter height stools, I went the vintage shop route, and I can't find anything around here, so online it is...I love online shopping.

Of all the options from Overstock (3$ shipping, a girl can't resist), these are the perfect height, and are purdy. $89 for two. Would four look too crowded under that table?

 Is there something that is prettier and a better deal? I think they would look great with lambswool over them...or a bright pillow (printed in custom fabric from my new and still un-designed fabric line...)


  1. I think those are great and I think they would look AMAZING with lambswool over them. Maybe even just over a couple. So jealous

  2. I think that would look great afterwards. I can't deny it too, I love to shop online :D

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  4. Ooooh! I love those. And, heck no, four wouldn't be a crowd.

  5. What do you mean would four look too crowded? How else will you be able to host Susie, Jenny, and I around your fab new table? ;0)

    Yes, I just not-so-graciously invited myself over.

  6. 4? Around THAT table? Hell to the yes, girlie! Especially if they are reserved for your pals!

  7. AnonymousJuly 01, 2011

    These are perfect!!! Since this is a work area, (they are for the studio, right?) I would go with stools not benches or chairs...they move easily out of the way and the style of these is spot on. I am an artist in NC. Love your work!

  8. These are great. And no less than four.

  9. Just came across these. They aren't cheaper, but definitely a fun, well-priced option and the colors are irresistible!


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