Wednesday, September 21


Thanks world, I am pretty sure my studio assistant needs have been filled! Thanks to all of you who sent me your info. Get ready for a lot more art from me.

Last night was the first one in about a month that I enjoyed seven hours of un-interrupted sleep, without drugs, or sobbing in the middle of the night with panic "why can't I just sleep already!" I went to see a specialist yesterday, he basically gave me great advice, no drugs (good news!). I can't believe it, I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of people I have confided in have admitted to also suffering from occasional, debilitating insomnia (really? you too? Oh thank you for sympathising with me...soooobbb). Do you? What do you do to help yourself?

I am so looking forward to painting today, can't get to the studio fast enough.


  1. Reading before bed? Melatonin? Bath? Sex? I usually just stay up and try not to fight it if I'm not sleeping. That and cry cuz I'm so tired and know the alarm is gonna go off in an hour :(

  2. i would love to know the advice you were given...cuz, ya know sometimes i be insomnified too.

  3. Insomnia must be hell...I sleep very well, but my boyfriend is suffering from insomnia, too. He now only takes drugs when he has an important day the next day. If not he stays up watchin TV all night (that bother me alot), and suffers a lot the next day. I am sure watching a TV screen is not the best, as in my opinion it´s too stressy for the mind.
    They say the YOGA also helps..have you tried it? Of course I think there won´t be miracles from one day to another, but maybe practicing for some time helps...

  4. Pretty much every peep at my media company suffers from insomnia, and I must admit I've spent plenty a late night just waiting for my alarm to go off because I'm not able to shut my brain off. Sometimes writing down anything I'm thinking about helps - lists, deadlines, errands for the following days - but I'd rather just get good and drunk. I'm just sayin.

  5. You poor, poor thing! I went for 6 weeks straight on four hours or less sleep per night. It. Was. Awful. I tried Xanax to get me through, but even half of the lowest dose was too much. It took Lexapro to make it better. Found out later that my thyroid was whacked out.
    I will say a prayer. I really hope it will get better!!!
    PS, I love, love, your art. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. After years of often very serious insomnia, I have hit on solutions that have minimized it to the point of an occasional irritation. First, I developed a routine that helps me through the spells themselves. My dog and I go camp out on the couch and listen to NPR. Second, accupuncture. whenever I start feeling jagged. Third, warm milk with nutmeg. It doesn't put me to sleep, but I swear it pulls me into a deeper sleep once I finally nod off. Fourth, ambien if the insomnia doesn't go away on its own after a few nights. Hardly ever have to take it anymore. Best of luck!

  7. I get insomnia once in a while when something in life is bothering me or giving me stress. It is very frustrating. But I found out that drinking some red wine helps me go back to sleep. (not sure if this will turn me into an alcoholic, but that's a lesser evil compared to not being able to sleep! :P)

  8. Who is the artist? Painting of sleeping woman? Thanks


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