Monday, November 28

New York Citay

O and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, and eight years of being snuggly by taking a short trip up to New York. On the agenda: visit the old hood, act inappropriately around famous people, drink our weight in tequila, take a blustery sail around the island with some giggly Nordic types, and take epic walks culminating in late night room service cappuccinos. All accomplished with the dignified aplomb of two people who needed an effing vacation.

Our hotel was tasty. We giggled when we ran into Queen Latifa in the elevator. She is so pretty!

We visited Just Scandinavian. Pure bliss. I bought a pillow.

There were stunning trees all over the place.

That one up there is form Prospect Park. Oh Brooklyn, you are just as hipstertastic as ever, proof in the form of my hipster photos. A generous part of our tequila drinking occurred here.

The highlight? Apart form visiting the Neue Gallery again....and having fancy coffee while gazing out the window onto 5th ave and the park.... sigh...Sailing!


Two happy campers.


  1. Love the photos. That first one looks like something you'd see blown up to 8 feet by 8 feet and displayed in a Chelsea gallery.

  2. You guys look like you had a blast! Love the photos! You should definitely consider selling your photography along with your art :)

    Is this the Bowery Hotel? I almost booked there... how is it?

  3. Gabrielle: loved it! My husband was not sure when I was explaining it to him, he said we should get something cheeper, but I insisted it would make all the difference. It totally did. We felt so happy and snug in our pretty room, and took long baths with the windows open to the busy streets below, it was great. The lobby is very nice, roaring fire, comfy chairs, and great drinks. Highly recommend.

  4. Oh you lucky ducks! I'd love to see New York. One day :)

  5. NYC....gotta love her.

    What lamp? Not the old vintage stand up...must be the Homegoods special? Hee.

    Linda@Lime in the coconut

  6. I always enjoy your style, so I'm excited to see that you and I have the same Alexis Bittar necklace.

    (That doesn't sound totally stalkery, does it? It was not meant to, I swear!)

  7. GAH! you walked RIGHT past my apartment on your traipse through prospect park! slightly devastated i missed my michelle armas moment, but it'll come again, no doubt.

    BIG HUGS and loooove the iPhone pics. xoxo

  8. Rebecca, wow, you have great taste! I love that AB number, I bought it the last time I was in NYC on a girls trip.

    Lily, I am fairly devastated, I would have loved to have met you, I even thought about emailing you now that you are in NYC, but I thought "hey, Michelle, stop being creepy!"

  9. I am having some NYC blues this morning and then looking on your blog and seeing these photos made me instantly happy. My wife and I were in New York last week for the first time and loved every minute of it. Such a great city!

  10. We just celebrated our three-year as well. Looks like you guys had an incredible time! :)

  11. Wow. I bet Atlanta feels like a walk in the park for you guys. I get nervous when we go to Atlanta, to be honest with you. Asheville is the closest city we've got, and it doesn't hold a candle to Hotlanta.

  12. I really want to go to New York, your so lucky and i'm so gealous! Would love to live there for a year or two! Trudy

  13. well happy anniversary!

    your pictures are sublime! and i bet you had the best time ever!

  14. Great photo story! Love it~ Oh! Happy Anniversary too!

  15. that looks like an awesome vacation. the bowery!!!! so jealous.
    and sailing?? not so jealous. but the rest? TOTES jealous.
    no shows??

  16. Thanks Jenny, nope, no shows. I wish we would have gone to see the Upright Citizens Brigade though.

  17. Your art snuck into this month's Adore Home magazine. Looks fab, as always. And have I told you I love your NY pics yet?? Ha ha.


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