Thursday, December 8

Its that Co Coziest time of the year

Remember when I got that poster printed? I promise to take better photos soon, this was just an accidental snap shot. Still, it looks pretty cool huh. Jordan included it in her gift guide, I suggest you consider getting this frame for it, so cheep!


  1. LOVE the tree!!!
    My dogs also curl up ON TOP of throw pillows on the couch... too funny :)

  2. I could've put your bookshelf on my blog post! Rats. Next time.

  3. Ah, I LOVE the new ottoman! And there's that beautiful brass reading light, yes? How about a lucite bar cart reveal. More, please. I just love your warm and inviting home. It is such a great reflection of its gorgeous owners!

  4. Oh gosh, in all my excitement, I forgot about the poster. It looks amazing!

  5. Damnit, Michelle, how do you do it? Your home is lovely and has a very "collected" feel. I want your ottoman, your bookcase, your uber-tall paneling, your cosmic poster...basically, it all.


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