Thursday, June 6

Believe So : Lets have a mod moment

sofa, chair, coffee table, pillow, pendant, painting

Sometimes I think about the kind of room I would like to see my painting in...sometimes I even paint for a specific room that I have in mind. I see bright white walls, large windows and blonde woods. But then I can easily see this painting in a dark wood paneled room...


  1. If I rubbed a magic lamp and a genie popped out and granted me one wish, right at this moment, it would be for you to look at my living room and paint a painting that only belongs here. I'd regret not wishing for a million bucks first but it would make a great story to tell every single person who ever walks into my house. Totally worth it.

    1. HAHAH! I love that! I also love the idea of a genie living in a hanging lamp, very mod indeed. I personally would wish for exactly enough money to pay for what I want when I want it...right! But I guess you don't pay taxes on a genie gift...I wouldn't put it past the irs to have a section for that though.


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