Friday, February 14

Lighting. Help me. Please.

Update: I have chosen the Copper one! Thanks for your insights. Copper won by an overwhelming majority, and my own vote was for the Chester Copperpot...sorry, couldn't help myself. I am in the midst of a major nesting kick, so like stay tuned or whatever.

I have been really wanting to change up some lighting in my house lately. Especially in the kitchen, and the parlor. I am also totally in love with these two (silver, copper). Vote for me please! Which one? Its going in here:

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I can't figure out why its so crappy :(

Here is some in situ inspiration y'all:

In a room:

Which one? The copper or the chrome??


  1. Replies
    1. I know, I agree. Do you think it matters that there will be a brass sputnik in the kitchen?

    2. no way. i think all the better. copper can go so many ways. also it's more interesting. and what ingrid says. it will blend in in the nicest way possible.

  2. i vote copper - it better reflects (ha) the warm tones of the room.

  3. my first gut thought was silver-sorry! not to complicate things!

  4. ps-look how good it looks here!

  5. Another vote for copper.

  6. Ahhh....copper. But then begins the slippery slope...does copper work with the wall color? etc., etc.

  7. I vote for copper too! It will look amazing next to your paintings!


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