Wednesday, May 21


I kept getting linked over to Chairish from other blogs like Little Green Notebook but I was too impatient to stick around and really see what was on offer. Since then I have wised up and I have bought some very nice things from there including a totally rad abstract folded paper on mirror crazy awesome piece of art, and a pair of perfectly colored, aged and be-tassled Moroccan ottomans that even the ol husband loves. Pictures to come.

I like to just take a mental break from answering emails or dealing with details to let the awesomeness wash me out between the ears. Lets see what I have found shall we?

Proportions, amazing. Color, stunning. Price, no brainer.

Martha Ceccio Signed Acrylic Painting- After Dusk. $850.

I love this for layering!

Grey Elephant painting by Joseph L. Klein. $2800.

Um, hawt. Maybe change out the feet. Pale blue pillows. No! Lavender, silk...

1970's Deco loveseat. $425

Also this, and this. Its nice when they don't match.

Lets see, what else? This sexy fucker for one.

Or this lovely rare blue persian... Why all the red folks? I like seeing softer colors, and this one looks like it has rockets on it. Nice.

I would put a plant on this guy sooo hard!

Seriously. Put him in a corner under a window and just put a huge plant on him, something crazy with wild arms and maybe do some googly eyes because you can never turn your back on a cactus folks.

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  1. Love the sofa in the second image, wonderfully Inspiring post as always. Have a lovely weekend Glenda


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