Monday, October 13

Pictures of us! Everyone Look! teehee

Our generous friend Josh, who happens to be a badass professional photographer came over to take some pictures of us a few weeks ago so that they could make us a sweet book for our baby shower. Josh and his wife Shari are some of our dearest friends and we love them to bits. I have to know and genuinely like the person taking pictures of me, or else I kind of look stern or distant. We laughed a lot during this session, but I guess I kind of laugh constantly when I am with my friends so that makes sense hm. You wanna see? Sure you do.

They have eyes only for each other.

My friend described her look as "impish" Perfect!

Its hilarious to me when she cries because we kiss her.

Mommy and daughter have matching side burns!

Family time. So sweet. Also, yet another opportunity for you to scope out what is in my nose! Which luckily is nothing, this time.

I love how O looks totally disoriented in this one.

Baby feet are delicious. Obv.

Seriously I love her feet.

Miss Snuggle Button.

So sweet to see your husband with your child. Am I right ladies?

"Mommy, why do you always laugh when I cry?" hmmmm, "because you cry for no reason, and its so dramatic, and its funny dear daughter."


  1. Ridiculously sweet photos! She is adorable. Congrats!

  2. I love everything about all of these. Beautiful family.

  3. Argh! What an adorable family! You are positively glowing too!

  4. there really is nothing better than big, scruffy men holding itty-bitty babies.
    thank you for sharing, and making the baby fever over here rise!

  5. You look absolutely happy! As we are, for you! Have fun with your baby, Michelle, she is adorable!

  6. What a sweet little pea! Congrats Michelle on your new babe. Let the fun begin!

  7. The 3 of you look just alike! Loved seeing these photos. Thank you for sharing.

  8. What a beautiful family! You all beam with pure love and joy!

  9. These are so wonderful! So glad you are enjoying this special time. My favorite is Alia yawning as if to say "Kiss, schmiss, all day long. Whatevs." She is so expressive! I bet she gets that from you.

  10. So, so, so THRILLED for you guys! Awesome photos Josh.... great job. Keep on sharing... I don't have human kids, mine are all furry with 4 legs :) So love baby time vicariously...!!!

    Which reminds me, what does you pooch think about all this? Big hugs all around.

  11. Adorable photos. She is just too sweet. And, did I miss you getting a haircut somewhere along the way? I really love it on you. Looks great. I adore the pic of you holding the back of her little head and kissing her forehead.

  12. Yayy! She is so so adorable! Congratulations! :)

  13. I got all teary-eyed looking at these guys look gorgeous, and I'm still in shock that you have a beautiful baby girl! After reading about your struggles over the years to grow your family, it's so wonderful to see you all together!

  14. Oh, these photos are so lovely! Such a beautiful family! I totally agree about seeing your husband with your baby. :)


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