Sunday, December 7

New Small Paintings in the shop

There are all kinds of new paintings in the shop today! I kind of didn't want to do the whole Cyber Monday or Black Friday thing because they annoy me. I think that weekend is for being with family and not buying stuff. But thats just me I guess.

If you follow me on instagram, and you should. You really should. You know that right now I have a discount code for 25% off! Enter "hohoho2014" to get your sale price. I was going to make the discount code iamahohoho, but I thought that would be rude.

When I feel. 18x18 acrylic, oil, soft pastel on canvas 275usd.

There is still so much time left before THE HOLIDAY(S). Plenty of time to get your painting to you or a loved one, even a large painting.

Lets Meet Half Way. 16x20 acrylic, oil, graphite, soft pastel on canvas. 275usd.
Ever since I became a mom, my desire to do exactly what I feel in my gut has strengthened so much. I just have to make a million decisions all the time based only on what I feel to be right, since I am a first time mom with zero experience. This has really seeped into my work! I am more impulsive and really believe in the marks I make, and really love subtle texture over bold color. Even though, color is awesome!

That Little French Place. 16x20 acrylic, oil, graphite and soft pastel on canvas. 275usd.

I Think You Will,  is 24x24 inches, acrylic oil, soft pastel and graphite on canvas. 500usd.

Lipstick Disco 36x48 acrylic, oil, graphite, soft pastel, oil pastel on canvas. 1800usd.

There are a lot, and even more are going into the store this evening. If you are signed up to my newsletter you will get a nice little greeting in your inbox tomorrow morning with a very nice holiday sale. I am not sure yet exactly what I will offer, but it will be exclusive to newsletter subscribers, that I know for sure.

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