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I have never wanted a jumpsuit before. God forbid...a playsuit. I think just using that word to describe the clothing that fully grown woman wears is revolting. Baby doll dresses, playsuits, those lacy socks with sandals : Infantalizing women. That is not something I want any part of.


I saw this beautiful jumpsuit by No. 6 at Totokealo and I took a second, and third look. Not only is it pretty much the exact replica of a jumpsuit I had in middle school when I played the cello and I needed something nice to wear to an orchestra thingy but I couldn't wear a dress, but its just cute. Right? Its something an adult woman can wear and not feel like and idiot.

I believe I prefer the dress version though:

Thank goodness its sold out. I have been eyeing this dress for a long time, while simultaneously vowing not to buy any clothes. The close I do buy though must be not made by slaves; not be made of polyester (you would be totally surprised if you pay attention to it how many expensive, beautifully conceived articles of clothing are sadly composed of the dreaded polyester...) and have to be something I know I will wear in the future. I feel like by the time you reach your mid thirties you have a pretty good idea of what you actually will reach for, and what you know will probably sit in your closet. Nothing is allowed to lalygag in my closet. I would rather give away a very expensive item that I ended up never wearing than keep it just because I feel paralyzed.

Thats all.


  1. This is cute, but I agree with you, I prefer the dress as well. I never bought polyester until I had to meet clients on a regular basis. I've found a lot of cute flowy tops from Banana Republic. What I like about them is that I can was them and hang to dry, and they have no wrinkles! I have to look put together to meet with clients, and I hate to iron, so polyester wins! :-)

    1. I didn't think about the ironing thing for silk, that is so true. I wish I could wear Polyester, it makes my skin break out (I sweat a lot, maybe I should get those botox injections so no more sweating!) but that seems strange...

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