Thursday, January 22

A taste of what has been happening inside my brain

So this is it. My brain on paint. More like paint fumes. I am getting back into oils. I am so impatient and thats why I like to use acrylics, gouaches and inks and pastel sticks. They dry fast and I can just keep making decisions quickly and watching the painting evolve. With oils you effect the layer under whatever you paint if you don't wait for it to dry, and the linseed goes through the layer under it, revealing whatever is under that layer. So, its freaking cool is what I am trying to say. When I started painting it was always with oils, but when I started to make larger paintings I wanted to work more quickly and it just felt good to express faster with acrylics. Now I am really having fun blending oils again. The pigments seem richer and the way the paint interacts with the canvas is different too. I also have some raw canvas that I am dying and painting on directly, can't wait to show you those paintings! I am so impatient that I painted them on loose canvas like I often do with commissions. 


  1. As a non-painter, I find it fascinated to hear the thought process that goes into creating art. Things like choosing based on drying time probably seem really obvious to you but are totally foreign to me. I also really love your slippers. I've always wanted a pair of those. They look like baked potatoes to me, which seems like the ideal warm comfy thing to stuff your foot into.

    1. That should be *fascinating, not fascinated. And choosing *materials based on drying time. I can't just let my typos go.

  2. You are making me reconsider oils. Have not used them since art school. I always work in acrylics. Your painting are very expressive. Love them. Hugs to baby.


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