Tuesday, July 21

Packing for a vacay

I usually beat myself up for not knowing what to pack when I travel. Then it hit me! When I travel I usually spend the whole day walking, climbing, moving from mode of transportation and so on. At home I just don't live like that! I drive mostly, and as much as I wish that weren't the case, I live in a driving city so there isn't much I can do about that. Also I paint for a living, and go to the gym so I tend to wear work out clothes and painting clothes. Then when its time to be social I wear fancier clothing, and now that I am OWNING myself, I admit, quirky clothing. Not necessarily the ideal threads for traveling in that maybe they don't pack well, wrinkle too much, shouldn't be washed in a sink, tear easily or what not. You get it right? Let pack together for a sec.

So since I tend to usually travel to Europe lately, although South America is on the radar for shizz. Anyway, and I used to live in Spain I try to not look American when I travel. It always works, last time we went to Spain people kept asking us for directions in Spanish, it was nice. It helps that O and I look like we could be from anywhere, so we tend to blend in. Its genetic, we are both super blended.

Rules for packing:

1. Nothing that wrinkles or has to be ironed.
2. Pieces that layer and everything has to coordinate with everything else.
3. Shoes MUST be comfy enough to wear all day long, and the criteria for that differ from foot to foot. For me it means low heal, soft bed, foot stays in shoe (no mules, I slip out of those).
4. Least amount of items as possible.
5. Must bring something fancy, like if you spontaneously dress up and go somewhere awesome you look just as amazing as you would at home. 
6. Look like a local, no matter what.

1. I like to pack dresses made with a knit, stretchy fabric. Don't for for 100% cotton if the dress is body conscious because then it will just stretch out and hang around your body all miss-shapen after you get up from having lunch at a cafe or something. Plus if you have to wash it in the sink it will wrinkle more. I happen to think that these style of dresses flatter everyone. So what if you have a pooch, its a sexy feminine thing! So what if your hips are large, or your bottom, thats the way you were made so embrace it.

Above dress. I really like this dress b/c you could dress it up, but wear it with sandals and you are just a comfy tourist baby. You may notice that I like things past the knee, its just to me that length is very flattering, I don't like short things but any of these could be shorter if thats your thing. But any longer, including maxi and you are just carrying around too much fabric. Also I usually size down in this style dress b/c of fabric stretching.

Also in the no wrinkle category your favorite jeans, naturally. Mine are black madewell straight leg jeans that I cut holes into so that when I bend my legs at the knee there is plenty of give. I HATE feeling constricted. I like the wide leg trend though, so I am going to pack my favorite Rachel Comey jeans, but these from Madewell are great too.

Of course now you need a breezy, sexy top for layering over a cami or for wearing open backed at night. My favorite one, naturally.

Now depending on my time of the month, I can't go bra-less. I need to support my ladies when they blow up to double their normal size and hurt like crazy and weight a million pounds. So I would wear this puppy b/c its cute peaking out behind, or in front. 

Moving on. Layers. You need a jacket/sweater or both. I am going to be traveling in Sept/October when the wind picks up, and it can be chilly in the evenings so I want to be prepared. Its not boot weather, but being cold when you are away from home is the pits, so lets be prepared shall we?

You can't go wrong with something from Zara. Always a great place to get a jacket.
Maybe you like to sear a scarf/shawl b/c you can wad it up and put it in your bag, or tie it to your bag b/c it isn't heavy! Here are some vintage options. 1/ 2/3/

Another good layering option is a tank top to wear under anything at night if its cold, O taught me that and it really works. Also you may want a long sleeved top that can be worn open, or tied up too.

Shoes. These are my favorite right now because the heal is a great hight, they are cute and the foot bed is super super soft, as are all of the Sofft brand shoes. I love them, just wish they were a bit chicer. Camper is another great brand, as is Fly London.

Just wear some funky socks if you are pairing these short boots with cropped or ankle pants and you look like you did it on purpose.

I like to hide money and id on my person, like in my boots, in my bra or wear a money bag b/c I am always prepared to have my bag ripped off of me, or have my pocket picked. Its just smart to have a black up plan. I also memorized my cc number and details, juuuuuust in case. So after all of that I like to wear a bag that is easy to get to for me, but also easy to layer under a jacket, or to even wear under my top or threaded into my clothes some other way. Yup, I am a boy scout.

Perfect size, its low profile with a snap so even if you say take it on a roller coaster it won't spill all of your stuff all over the place. Thick strap (as opposed to a cord or chain, way comfier) and its chic too! You could wear this with a fancy dress and still look balls.

Speaking of dressing up. This is the dress that I bought to wear to the wedding in Greece. Now, its kind of basic so how will we make it special? I haven't actually decided, if my hair were longer I would go full Spanish and do red lips, pulled back hair, large earrings and a black fringy flamenco shawl.

Fancy comfy shoes to wear all night! That I still haven't found, bummer.

P.S. I chose it b/c it doesn't need any special under garments, it doesn't wrinkle, it is very stretchy and comfy for dancing and its sexy.

Oh, lets not forget about a swim suit! I have two, these below:
A sportier one, that won't come off if I get super physical, and a fun one that is more boobs pooping outable.

You need a hat, sunglasses and a coverup too.

I have to manage to put everything for my two weeks, plus my TWO pillows in one small carry on, meaning they can't make me check it when I board. So something like this:


  1. Love it! Where is the black purse from?

    1. https://www.etsy.com/listing/199528340/minimal-leather-cross-body-bag-mini?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=shoulder%20leather%20bag%20mini&ref=sr_gallery_3

    2. Hero! Thank you :)

  2. Love your choices... and just want to mention a great site for travel clothes... stretchy no wrinkle. BUT... you have to be discerning to find chic cus a lot of it is mainstream... .BUT the prices are right! I bought a great reversible skirt years ago ... white with black paint brush circles on one side and solid black on the other. Plus a great empire dress which sounds bad, but actually is really great. :) so check it out. May be too late for Greece, but you never know.... www.travelsmith.com


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