Thursday, March 10

20% off Sale on Paintings for SRPING BABY!

48 hours only. Lots of new stuff in the store. And don't worry if you aren't in the market for a new painting b/c a print sale is on the horizon as well. Enter "spring20" to get 20% off but code expires in two days.

There is a tryptic in this style of 24x24 sized pieces. They would look so cool all framed together in a row as one piece, or you could break up this family. Thats not terrible.

There are also three new linen pieces in 30"x33" size. Nice and small enough to be able to fit in almost any room, but large enough to make a statement!

These two are soul mates. Just saying. 

Also we have Mrs. Bluesky. A dotty, sea glass colored explosion of subtle love. Right? I think of a spa when I see this guy, ahem I mean lady.

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