Sunday, July 22

Help me with my final summer purchase

OK, going to buy one more dress for summer, than can transition into fall, b/c since I am going to be living in Atlanta, and fall is very mild, I can wear one for longer. These are my choices, what do you think?

Double Chocolate dress, Anthropologie, the least expensive option.

Mociun Tie Dress, been wanting this for a while. It is available in other patterns.

Sophia Dress from Lola y Maria, also been wanting this for a while.


  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2007

    mmmm... very tough decisions over here. I prefer the navy one because of the detail at the neckline and along the sleeves. I also like the buttons and it is definitely soemthing different.

    So when are we going to hang out again/

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2007

    Those are all so cute!I especially like the middle one and the last one.

  3. I think the navy one is so beautiful I love that! And you could wear a long sleave top underneath when it gets cooler. very lovely!

  4. i LOVE the one on the right. so gorgeous.

  5. So I think the consensus is the blue one, OK, that one is my favorite too!

  6. I'm digging two and three. The third seems like it would transition best into the fall (like Catherine suggested). And I was right... I had read on your blog that you are moving to Atlanta. Can't wait to hear/see about your move!

  7. Honey, number three is SOOOOO you! That said, I like the 1st one best. You're moving to ATL. Sniffle... I'm going to miss you.

  8. middle one. but the navy is cute and i love the idea of it with a turtle neck underneath for fall.


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