Friday, July 27

See you soon

Going to be out of commission for a while, at least a week and a half. Unfortunately I pulled my neck yesterday and spent the entire day in bed! I hate that, I am so restless and I just feel useless when I can't at least work a little. So, since our house is a complete disaster while we pack, I don't have a proper bed and boy was I dreaming about how a beautiful bedroom to be confined in would make me feel oh so much better.

I would upholster the wall behind the bed like this Domino editorial, that bedding is beautiful and perfectly simple for a flowery backdrop, but use the Hoffman bed from Room and board, and also the Saarinen side table...yummy. And the rider lamp from CB2. Add a side Chair and a desk...more lighting for the desk and a floor lamp, and I don't mind staying in bed all day, I like a room with texture like the upholstered bed, that throw, the marble table and stainless steel and polished coper, they look much less harsh against that beautiful floral. It is hard to see the splash of bright blue in that pattern, but that little touch makes that pattern modern enough to play with the other modern elements in the room.

So I will see you next week, btw, do any of you have any experience living in a loft? O and I are looking at some lofts in Atlanta for live/work, any advice? Wanna see?


  1. Oh no! Feel better. I love the idea for a bedroom you just whipped up. Good luck with the loft search too, that sounds exciting.

  2. AnonymousJuly 27, 2007

    hope your neck feels better soon michelle!

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2007

    Aw! I hope you start feeling better! That's no fun...

  4. oooh my goodness... that space you found in atlanta is spectacular! that makes me wanna move there. i was visiting atlanta for a teaching conference last year and found so many good vintage shops.... wow. that is inspiring. feel better!

  5. AnonymousJuly 27, 2007

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  6. AnonymousJuly 27, 2007

    hi michelle,

    i hope you feel better soon -- i hate having a pulled neck.

    now, as far as lofts go, i've lived in a couple and the issue for me has always been the noise factor. you want to find out if it's a timber loft or a concrete loft. i can't tell from the photos and did not see it in the description.

    concrete lofts are usually quieter, but they don't have the gorgeous exposed beams that the timber lofts have. i suppose you have less to worry about if you are getting a duplex like the one shown in the photos. then maybe an end unit for more quiet?

    of course, if you don't care about noise so much, never mind then. :)

    have fun! gigi

  7. Gigi, thanks for your insights, this particular place is concrete, and I think it is pretty quiet, but I think O may have nixed the idea (boys!) b/c he makes music after work and he thinks there isn't privacy, so I will keep ya'll posted. It sure would be fun to do-up a loft though...

  8. hope you're feeling better!!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your injury, especially while you are in the middle of packing madness. I wish you luck - I know EXACTLY what you're going through!


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