Tuesday, October 30


I had my first facial today. Wow, I look really creepy, I guess that is good timing for Halloween, but I am not going anywhere, that is how bad my face is. Swollen, iky, but boy oh boy is it clean! If you live in Atlanta and you want clear, glowy, beautiful skin, go check out Derma-Luxe. Not only is the staff great but look at the place, like hanging out at a Domino photo shoot, I love the rug and the lighting...very nice.


  1. I just had one recently too and I was broken out a few days afterwards. Ick, but it felt great at the time, and I think it was good for my skin. Nice and clean. I even bought some of the fancy pants, very expensive cleanser and moisturizer that they used. I figured I could splurge b/c I used a gift certificate for the facial.

  2. yes.. facials. this place looks especially nice.


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