Tuesday, December 4


There are a lot of beautiful prints over at Beklina, not to mention a sale of up to %30 off! I love the new Mociun print, orange and blue, yummy.


  1. Oh! I'm a big fan of the brown dress...

  2. I can't buy much, but I love Beklina!

    Did you see the photos with Melrose as the model? (Do they have "America's Next Top Model" in Australia? Otherwise, this will make no sense but it was worth a shot.)

  3. I definitely might have to take advantage of this! I love Mocuin and their tights especially.


  4. Oh, silly me. Why did I think you were in Australia? Methinks I got confused. Surely they have ANTM in Georgia!

  5. the mociun dress is amazing, i love the rich bronze/mocha metallics.

    by the way, did you notice that that anthropologie sweater is now on sale for $120? so tempting....

  6. boy i love this shop. the tie front dresses are stunning and i keep wishing for one but it's not working...yet.

  7. That brass Mocuin print is gorgeous! I think they had it in black and white a while back... I love have the brass completely changes the mood of the print. :)


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