Monday, December 17


HA! Bah Humbug. Anyway, I made some jewelry for Christmas gifts so I thought I would whip up some for me, since the blue ones I had before got stolen :(. And they are hanging out on a new painting in the works. Stay tuned for some exciting news regarding my paintings.

Going to be out of town until after Christmas, have a very happy holliday!


  1. Love these earrings, beautiful colour! Looking forward to hearing more about your paintings, sounds exciting

  2. I really like those..... Is that gold, copper?

  3. The earrings are so pretty! And I'm intrigued by the lacy detail in the bit o' painting that you show here. More, please.

    (The napkins are great. Purl is a dream, isn't it?)

  4. hi!
    i just crossed your blog and had an urge to tell you that the word 'ARMAS' in estonian means 'cute'!
    :) and these earrings are really great!!

  5. Ooooo - they're gorgeous. Aren't you multi-talented?
    And I'm anxious to hear your painting news...

  6. These colors are so, so nice together. I love the wire wrapping on your earrings too, I've never seen a stone wrapped so heavily.

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