Diane Von Furstenberg

Is this the coolest blouse or what! I love the print and I love the back, very sexy, and seasonless! And it is on sale for $118 at Saks!

(I went kinda crazy with the exlams there didn't I, well, I am leaving them there for prosperity's sake...!)

Not on sale, however is this quarts ring, $4,000. Isn't it lovely though, a real bad-ass of a ring.


  1. gorgeous b&w print!

    i love h. stern sooo much, too, but $4000 for a bit of quartz and gold?

  2. gorgeous blouse! and the ring reminds me of your logo - guess that means you have to have it! i'm all about the exlams, btw!

  3. i'm loving that blouse...it's very "business in the front, party in the back"

  4. i love your blog...thanks for visiting mine. and the shirt is adorable and i just wish i was a size two to wear it!

  5. I love DVF. Usually it's her dresses I swoon over, but this blouse is definitely doing the trick right now. And that's one BAD-A ring.

  6. dear armas - that top is divine!! - tho its begging for someone to put their hand in!!!

  7. a.t.b.and.b

    You are so right! I never thought of that! I wonder if that is a good thing or not, probably not, unless it was your boyfriend, then that might be good :)


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