I love all of the January sales, especially for the home, or in my case, for my studio. One of my new year resolutions is to be more productive, in short, that means a better studio. I had a ball at Ikea and I saw all kinds of new (at least new to me) things there that I loved, and had to hold myself back from buying.

My new table(s), and a cabinet with sliding glass doors that I did not buy, unfortunately, someone please buy this, and fill it with cool things.


  1. we're going to ikea this week to buy more frames and terrarium bowls. that cabinet looks so promising, i wonder if it would fit in my kitchen, hmm...

  2. Dinner napkins, earrings, paintings--you are so talented. I am sure you will be even more productive in your newly furnished studio!

  3. Ikea always seems to surprise me, I love these finds!


  4. awsome piece that I wish I could fit in my tiny apartment but alas I probably couldn't..


  5. Glad you had fun! My home office is a work in progress, too. Still trying to convince my husand that shots of electric pink really are quite manly!! We share this space, you see!!

  6. this table from IKEA is really nice....im in the shopping mode all of a sudden and i could use a new studio desk...!!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

  7. Sweet! Love those cabinets/bookshelves. I've been looking at vintage ones of those (I think they call them lawyers bookcases?) on craigslist.

  8. yes... that ikea table is great. my favorite are their swedish meatballs!

  9. Ikea is so much fun my closest one is a plane ride away and I always want things I can lug back home. Love you new table, I hope you create lots of wonderful creations on it.


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