Tuesday, March 25

Austin Dreams

Well, Austin is the freaking coolest city! O and I loved it so much. I didn't take my camera, unfortunately, as I didn't have room, and I am very sorry, b/c everywhere I wanted to document something. Thank you all for your great tips and advice! We were mostly occupied with business, and when it was time to explore, we were so pooped, we didn't last long.

On the plane I read my newest Dwell mag, been saving it for the trip, so much faster when you have something good to read! Anyway, this article, and this amazing converted barn in New York has stayed with me, and I can't stop creating a future home like it in my brain...maybe in the beautiful hill country.


  1. Interesting. I LOVE the exterior, but have to say I'm a bit disappointed with the interior. It seems a bit disjointed to me. I can totally relate to your idea of having a home like this in the countryside, though. It would be beautiful.

  2. I don't subscribe to Dwell, but I saw this issue while waiting for a massage at a spa...I have been searching stores high and low to find an issue for myself. Thanks for posting these lovely photos.

  3. I almost bought Dwell just for that house. I love it. Glad you liked Austin. Would love to hear more about it. I want to go there or move there someday;)

  4. wow.. you're right that barn is so great... my husband and i live in nyc but have an old farm house in the country and it fulfills part of that dream of country living while needing to be in the city for work... overall a very nice balance! thanks for leaving a post on my blog so that i could see yours - it is really lovely and i look forward to seeing more!
    have a wonderful day!


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