Monday, March 17

Austin Texas

O and I are going to Austin this week to scope out the city and see if we might like to set up shop there. Does anyone have any recommendations of things to see and places to stop and shop or check out? I would be so grateful for some insider tips.


  1. No, I haven't been but want to. I really want to move there. It's supposed to be Portland's twin but with more sunshine and a cheaper cost of living. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  2. Oh, girl, you've opened the flood gates. Austin is one of my favorite cities!!! Are you ready for too much information on it?
    First, I'm giving you a link to a post that I wrote after getting back from Texas last spring.
    You really need to go to the Hotel San Jose. If you're not staying there (but you really should stay there) at least go to their courtyard for drinks one evening. And Jo's, next door to the hotel, is a great coffee spot as well as wonderful place to sit and watch the world go by. There are tons of great vintage shops all over Austin. North Loop was full of great resale shops, as well as a couple cute boutiques. South Congress has good clothing stores and my favorite, highly edited "antique mall" ever - Uncommon Goods. Do not miss it. And if you're a bbq fan, head 30 minutes out of Texas to Kreuz BBQ - the best I have ever eaten. Ever.
    Have a great time. I'm super envious. I hope you enjoy the city as much as I do!

  3. love it! i went to college there and think about moving back

    Design Sponge did a good Austin guide a while back that might be useful.

    My favorites include:

    hotel san jose (as susan mentions...awesome place to stay but they book up fast, so call now)

    definitely go to Guero's on South Congress for the tacos...amazing.

    Big Red Sun and Gardens for the mother lode of succulents..

    If it's warm, go to Barton Springs and get a snow cone and take a dip in the super cold water -- it's such a cool place.

    The Elephant Room for live jazz.

    You guys will have a blast.

  4. eat at the Salt Lick!

  5. Wow, set up shop there? So you might move there if you like it? I've never been so I can't recommend any places, sorry, but I hope you guys have a great time.

  6. no really said.....

    I know it's outta the way (Way Southwest) but Fredericksburg is one of my inspirational favorites!

  7. My personal faves...

    1. Barton Springs Pool
    2. P. Terry's Hamburger Stand (organic and the veggie burger rocks)
    3. Shopping on South Congress
    4. Rudy's BBQ
    5. Townlake (now called Lady Bird Lake)
    6. Bookpeople
    7. Amy's Icecream
    8. Koriente Restaurant
    9. A drive through 620, amazing topography and views
    10. the Hill Country (west of the city)
    11. Alamo Drafthouse

    Have a great trip! Austin is one of my faves, I've lived here for going on 3 years and it grows on me daily.


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