Monday, January 5

Spring 09!

Yeah! Lets start the year off right and skip the rest of winter, and head right into Spring! Who's with me??

Ok, not really, but I am so ready, I didn't buy anything this year in the winter sales, except for home stuff and a sweater...and some boots but I really needed those, the ones they replaced were 10 years old!

As I was saying...spring, anyone??? I am getting an early start on getting ready for Spring this year, every year I am really surprised when it is time to pull the old sandals out of the back of the closet, this year I am already dreaming of wearing the ones I got last year late in the season...
New Arrivals at JCrew clicky clicky to make it bigger.

Cute silk dresses at Banana Republic
Lately I really like what they got going on over at the BR. I didn't like it for years, this party season they had soo many cute silk dresses and last summer, man I am still kicking myself for not buying this, they had a solid silk tank maxi dress is great muted colors...sigh. Have you seen the newest Lucky? They have a Banana Republic item on just about every page!

Spring time at the Gap...that sweater dress is only $60!

Every season I try to get one or two really great items that will last forever (I kept those shoes for 10 years, that means I was a TEENAGER when I bought them, I am serious here, not like in some magazine where they say, oh you can keep this forever, and it is so trendy it isn't even cool anymore...ok, rant over.) Plus, I am really trying to spend less money this year.

This year what I really want is a Tucker dress, and I love that this one is on sale! Also I have a thing for maxi dresses, but usually don't like the bright, beachy prints that they come in, I prefer a sexier solid silk, and I love the ruffles, makes me feel like maybe I don't HAVE to wear a bra? (I can hear you cringing, it's ok, I am secure in my free-hanging-ness), and backless is just wonderful. Does it get as hot where you live as it does in Atlanta?


  1. totally intrigued by that tucker dress....i want that!

  2. already??? oh i guess! love all those happy springy colors! i'm in a good mood already!

  3. great post! such fun to read.
    thank you.

  4. That yellow one piece suit makes me long for spring, although I'm puzzling over how I could ever get it to stay up. It's so cute and retro!

  5. love the yellow polka dot swimsuit! so cute!

  6. As soon as the New Year hits, I'm allll about spring clothes! This is a great roundup...I especially love the Banana Republic dresses. I'm posting on Kirtsy! :)

  7. what a great selection, i'm missing spring & summer so much i wish i could just skip jan - april! ;)

  8. Great finds! That yellow swimsuit is adorable!
    I'm ready ... come on spring!!

  9. Yes, let's leave winter behind and look forward to spring! Unfortunately winter will last here a few more months ...

  10. Completely ready to skip straight into Spring :) Like Joanna, also love the little yellow polka dot one-piece.

  11. i love j crew so much! great picks!

  12. Very nicce!


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