Wednesday, January 14

Me and Coco are COLD

Today it is cold, like I need to put a sweater on Coco cold, for Atlanta, that is down right miserable. So much for my push for Spring, It does give me a chance to look longingly at some scarves! From Diane Kane...sorry, I can't remember where I saw this first.Note, it is official, dachshunds are "in" this like when Scottish terriers were "in" in the 80's? Do you have memories of you teachers wearing Scottish Terrier sweaters in plaid? I guess I don't mind right now b/c I like dachshunds...
Red doggies scarf by Virginia Johnson, I was just on her site and I didn't see


  1. Love the polka dots! It is such a simple print yet I still get a kick out of it. Maybe it's the colors. Oh and yes I remember the Scottie dog trend. My grandmother is Scottish so she carried that trend well on beyond the eighties. :)

  2. Love those polka dots!

  3. I LOVE the terrier reference. Just the other day I asked my husband if he remembered the plaid terrier thing that went on when I was in elementary school. I was obsessed!

  4. S, you are so funny! I remember that, but I was a young kid, and I didn't speak English, and I was so confused, I still think about being a kid, looking at my teachers, who were saying something I didn't understand with a blazing terrier on their sweater! It kills me!!!

  5. love diane's store... she's a friend of mine!

  6. love polka dot scarves. anything graphic!


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