Thursday, March 19

TA DA!!!!!

This is me, before coffee and still in my p.js. O decided to hit the snooze about 50 times this morning, starting at...lets say 5am, so I woke up late, b/c obvi, I need my beauty sleep. Also, cuz I drank a huge margarita last night at my Pattern Sisterhood meeting, (every time I say that, I feel like telling people we cast spells on clients and made magical illustrator demons to do our work for us.) Actually, Jessica and I chatted about blogging and about how we sometimes feel pressure to make our lives look great, and our work look effortless, and well, we are kind of disillusioned with it right now. You know what I mean, you see it, and you are sick of it too, probs, maybe not, I don't know you, damn, quit bragging about how great you are...anyway.

(no, I am not flicking you off, sheesh.) Every day I listen to the news and I feel like I live in a vacuum, at home, with my work, and what is my work anyway? Is it valuable to anyone aside from me and my clients, do I spend my vital life force on things that are overlooked and unappreciated? Yes, and no, I don't know, save me blogging masses! We even chatted about getting a part time job, something escapist, like retail or restaurant, just to get away from the constant sigh....I love my life, I really do, and when I am feeling this petulant, I often remind myself that I am lucky I am not laying on a dungeon floor, ala Tale of Two Cities...

Ok, question time, do you work from home? Do you have a part time job to keep you sane. Stigma? lets hear about know, from being an educated designer, artist, whatev, who has to work outside of their field.

Spill it.


  1. yeah!!! we're so awesome. seriously. ha ha!

  2. ps- did you notice that we both used the word "sheesh" in our posts? destined to be best friends. ;)

  3. I'm a surface/pattern designer for a major textile product design company in Atlanta, and lately I have stumbled across both yours and Jessica's blogs. I am very inspired by both of you, and inwardly cheer you for getting to work from home! I read blogs everyday and never comment, but I wanted to tell you to keep on blogging! I love your posts!

  4. I really love your blog, I think I first discovered it by something like oncewed? I'm not sure, but I added you to my reader and your posts are ones that I always scroll to first.

    For what its worth I am also a freelance designer in London, UK and I love reading blogs but also struggle with "how come my lunch doesn't look like that?" and feel like I need to buy prettier things, wear prettier things, constantly come up with new and exciting ideas, plan parties that are original and gorgeous with gorgeous and original friends etc etc, its actually kind of tedious after a while, these styled lives where these 'superwomen' seem to show that you can do it all and be it all, its really refreshing to hear you say that you also struggle with it.

    I think I enjoy your blog because while your life looks happy and fulfilled and your work is so lovely, you have an honest voice and you're not at all sanctimonious.

    So, yup, your not alone in this feeling at all, keepin' it real is the way to go...

    Sarah x

  5. Just saw this on Jess's blog - love it!

  6. I'm not really a designer, but I'm a blogger and a far from super stay at home mom and a newly minted "professional" artist who is a little overwhelmed with this whole business world.

    I don't get out of the house much at all... maybe that's why I like to go off on adventures with my paint and my words. But people don't see my shut in ways, just the virtual adventure.

    I did do some waiting table recently, and it really was nice to get out of the house and be free from the responsibilities. But it didn't make enough money to be worth it, so I dumped it and decided to sell on etsy instead. A better choice for me.

    I still dream about waiting tables or being a barrista or a bookstore clerk. But I have no time.

  7. This is great! And just what I needed to hear- I couldn't agree with you more on the blogging lately, I've actually done it myself- I'll admit I do occasionally use my blog to make myself seem more productive... :( But it is a great escape and it does motivate me! I am a graphic designer in Atlanta, I work in the most amazing building, however my office is a dark dungeon and sooo uninspiring... I do dream of jobs I once hated- waitressing...It was nice to always meet someone new, that's what I miss and being able to see outside!! Your honesty is greatly appreciated! I love reading your blog!

  8. I enjoy making my living off of a variety of endeavors( a lot of them!) and part of that includes working for someone else in a flower shop once in a while. It's fun!

  9. wow, you ladies are so insightful! I love hearing from you that you work extra little jobs, Chelsea :) or that you never leave the house, I feel like that all the time too Rowena! I appreciate all your kind words, and I hope you come back, b/c this particular blog will stick to a reality format! Weeeee

    *b*, thanks, your are so sweet :)

  10. found you through jess's blog... i totally agree with what you're both saying and i love how you're putting yourselves out there and keeping it real. i think you look gorgeous!


    p.s. here i am...

  11. Hey, your pj's totally rock! (this is Caty from last night, btw) But I feel just the same as you two, and your way more successful than me. But I hope to find a job soon, and that definitely puts pressure on me as an artist because I must at first glance look perfect and that is always a scary prospect! I totally agree with you two and I love that you both posted morning pictures!

  12. you look so cute! and I want your PJ's

  13. Oh man, are you kidding? Absolutely.. there is totally the pressure to make everything look effortless. Sometimes I daydream about working at some big chain retail place or wait tables, so I can get out and have co-workers. Do a half assed job at something, get paid, and not care. That's crazy, isn't it? And questioning if my work is valuable, will it make a difference in the long run. I feel you, sister.

  14. First:
    I love that you posted photos of your self in your PJ's. Adorable.

    It is interesting to hear you say how you struggle with making your life appear flawless...perfect. The blogging world is amazing for it's creativity- you can instantly find inspiration! Amazing people doing amazing things! It's filled with generous, kind, people.
    The down side is it also makes one want to consume, and feel inadequate at times. I feel like it's a little overstimulating, addicting. My attention span becomes very short- and I have to remind my self to slow down.

    I try not to be too much of a perfectionist with my blog. I post photos that I don't think are that great...but I leave them up!

    I think the grass is always greener.

    I went to art school and earned a BFA with a concentration in printmaking before I became a psychiatric nurse. I'm really proud that I was able to earn both degrees, and I am proud to be a nurse- but I would love to work less and make a living off of my artwork/ craft.

    I don't think that really answered any of your questions- but good post! Nice discussion.

  15. i like this post. i am rather new to blogging, and i also have a f/t job, so i try to blog on the side. there are a scrillion people blogging about beautiful and fantastic things day in and day out, and i think that is just TOO EASY. life isn't all pretty and fabulous, and we all can't afford luxuries. i think it is better to have a balance.

    sorry if i am getting all uppity here!

    p.s. you look amazing first thing in the morning! i look like a zombie w/o makeup!

  16. i work from home and i actually kind of hate it. i get really lonely. my poor boyfriend will get home from work and i'll need to have him give me a little pep talk at night! :) also, you are gorgeous!!!

  17. ps. i really love this post.

  18. yes,yes,yes... i especially relate to feeling like everyone else seems so perfect. i'm not even sure i could pretend to make my life seem that good.

    i have two screaming kids running around all day. i wish i could work quietly from home, but it doesn't often happen. someday:)

  19. Ha! Yes, I've wanted to smash my camera into my head and cry a few times when my food pics looked more Better Homes and Garden's 1975 cookbook photography than 2009 blog photoshop perfect. Maybe I should show some of my nasty food pics just for fun! Love your PJs btw. Reading you and your friend Jessica's post about this, I think a "me in the morning" revolution should start.

  20. well i'm not sure i can provide the best advice here as i have the best of both worlds...i get to work at home 2 days a week and go into the office the other it's a perfect balence.

    BUT...i can say that you look FREAKIN adorable. Sheesh ;-) I wish i looked that good in the morning!


  21. I'm a potter and I work from home, and have no part time 'real job' to keep me sane--I've been blogging about the insanity of it all lately....and how myopic I get in my little world of ups and downs. I do tend to look at other blogs that are really sleek and design-ey and from folks in metro areas and feel a bit frumpy. I notice things like if the blogger/artist woman appears to have a partner with a proper job to help support her in her creative ventures and all that effortlessness....well, Oh--and I get nuts when food bloggers talk about all the pastries they've baked this weekend and they are these skinny little waifs who look like fashion models!


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