Monday, March 2

Oh cruel world...

WHY don't I have this hair? I have always been so madly in love with reddish, wavy, soft flowing hair...sigh.


  1. she is a pod person I am sure!!

    you are beautiful!

  2. she is a cutie and possibly from outerspace.

  3. ha! outer space. good one.

    and the luscious locks are thick, unlike mine.

  4. So mean. Except I want curls, too.

  5. Not only would I love hair like this, but I would love to roll out of bed with hair like this! Now that would be nice.

  6. Ha! I almost posted this very same photo for the very same reason...


  7. when i was little i used to dream of looking like megan follows in anne of green gables...i dyed it this color for a few years. just not the same!

  8. Shayna,
    Me Too!! I loooovved that series, I still fact I re-watched it recently..event the last one that was made when she was older, I love them all.


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