Home Lust

The paint color for the dining room is still up for grabs, the green was too dark, it looks kind of crazy in there right now, but I did repaint my office, and the kitchen, whew. Right now I am working on a new roof and ventilation, learning more about construction than I care about, but hey, isn't that what home ownership is all about?

What I am really here to say is, O and I are making a mood board of all the things we want for our lives, like a home in Spain, a family and a home large enough to have large parties with a great porch...not to mention and happy relationship and health, you know, all those basics. I started looking around, and I have house envy, what do you think? (Ok, how lame is this post, seriously, sheesh.)

This is an all American Four Square home, my personal fave, and prolific inside the city in certain areas here in Atlanta, not to mention my dream home, did I mention I like these homes?


  1. Uuhhh, I completely understand!!!

  2. Wowsa! That house is gorgeous. And the back patio.....hello!!! amazing. I have always loved that particular style. (outside, anyway)

  3. The porch!! The windows!! oh my!


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