Monday, October 26

60 year old Fashionista!

Well, today is a stunning fall day. I love days like this, and we have an exciting home project happening today, woohoo. I will have before and after shots soon. Mostly though, groovy things are happening, got a very great package today from China, with some tastes of things to come for you and me. And, I am filling in my wardrobe with more cripple friendly items. Out with the heals, in with the "comfort" shoes, and multiple strap bags, and hemmed up jeans...since I am tripping all over them with my old lady shoes on. Dude, this neck issue just aged my look about 10 years. And since I feel about 20 years older still...hello 60, nice to see you, not as many grays as I thought you would have by now...

So ideas, what do you think of these lovely items, anyone have them and wanna give reviews? Another part of suddenly turning 60 is that I require in depth customer reviews before purchasing anything, even batteries.

Nice bag huh, fond it via Bliss. I am however, considering this one, that Cole Haan up there.

Of course I need a snazzy accessory to young me up, and some shoes with super comfort. These are the ones I really want....but alas, no more 3 inchers for me. Perhaps these? very 90's nostalgia. I secretly love these, crazy.

The older I get, the simpler my clothes choices are. What about you? And while we are at it, a cozy cape...Oh and turn these into sunglasses...


  1. Ok. That cape is the most fantastic thing I have seen in a while. But you can't wear that with granny shoes. At least go check out the super comfy awesome flats on the Born website.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I have an off and on shoulder/neck injury that keeps me from blogging as much as I would like too. Can't wait to see more photos of your home.
    : )

  3. Yup, that cape is pretty killer, but it costs over 5,000 smackers, wowzas. I am sort of looking forward to buying some new shoes, it should be fun!

  4. I'm all about rocking the old lady look. And simplifying. I was just telling Barry that I'd like to own one skirt, one pair of pants, one shirt, one sweater, one dress, etc. I'd layer them in different ways and only go shopping when one wore out.

  5. I totally pick comfort over fashion, especially when it comes to shoes. As much as I love heels and think they are pretty; I buy them and then they sit in my closet. My perfect heel is 1.5 or 2 inches which I think is great for walking and but still is a heel. It's hard to find them, but I'm always on the look out.

  6. Where is that cape from??? It is amaaazing!


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