Thursday, October 1


I love it, I had a feeling I was going to love it, Michelle Adams from Ruby Green is so cool, she just is, and Lonny is that perfect mix of perfecty perfect perfection that Domino was...I can honestly say I found a replacement. And...I LOVE the digital format, yes, sitting down with a glossy mag has a certain who the hell knows what, but dude, the images are large, and clear and back lit, that always helps. Every detail, every charming, crooked corner, glinty surface is right up in your face. Ahhhh, for someone who craved my Domino every month for the sheer volume of actual, usable, attainable inspiration, I am satisfied! I am happy! and I am probably going to blow off today's work and go antiquing! .... Well, not really, I have what, three unfinished paintings hanging around, looking mournful, pouting from their drying corners, teasing me with icky color combos I stupidly slapped together as I often do as a painting is evolving...but I digress...LONNY!!!!!

One of my fave images from the whole thing, so organic and so fabulous. Honestly though, there is something I love on every, single, page. I am so excited, and O is excited for me, because he knows I almost cried when Domino died. Eddie Ross's home.
P.S. He has a fabulous etsy shop.

P.S. Oops, did I just make it sound like Lonny is a replacement for Domino, to be fair lots of the same people worked on it, but it is different, just in case anyone is annoyed by that.

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