Made some curtains...

Welcome to my bedroom, I am feeling kind of bashful. I love my brown room, and this fall, we will be changing the carpet in here, btw, my dream instal? This Stark wool number I spied in my lover Domino, I am sure it costs a bajillion dollars. Anyway, I digress. How do you feel about the brown curtain rings on the white rods? Anyone? I used creme colored heavy linen cotton that I had laying around, those babies are nice.

BTW, loving this option (for the bedroom, keep up) from Martha for FLOR, just say'n.


  1. I love this bedroom! I want one just like it. I used to have a brown one, but...sigh...*rentals*!

  2. I like the curtain rings, they're like a little accessory or bracelets to your curtains. I guess the only thing is that they look like they're floating on the white rods. I think they look fine though! Your house is really gorgeous :)

  3. I'm loving these curtains - the way you hung them high - and the brown rings totally work!! They sort of give more depth/weight/something to them... je ne sais qua ... I guess. :) They look great! Great job!!

  4. I like your curtains! WOW....would you share how much was the costs of making those...
    Personally I would have opted for Gold or silver rings...or changing the color of the rods instead.
    The wall color is great!

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'


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