The mexico game

Hi dorks, sorry to have been so out of touch this week. I was busy! Lets play a game, shall we?
Ok, why would a girly need....
These perfectly fitting linen pants in two colors?

These shades?

A new baithing costume?

Some comfy sandals?

A new haircut?
(this was my inspiration photo, my hair came out about two inches shorter than hers, but in a few months, it will look like the photo, why does that always happen? Anyone have a fail proof way of getting the hair cut you want? Cuz this girl, never gets what she wants, once I looked so much like this country singer, I cried, my achy breaky heart!

And......a giant, floppy beach hat?

You guessed it! I am going to Holbox with my baby love.


  1. That sounds dreamy!! Have a great time :)

  2. I'm so jealous! Take lots of pictures so I can live vicariously through you!

  3. How did you know I was a dork?

    Fun! Have fun on your trip. Loved that haircut too.

    If you figure out a way to get a fool-proof haircut,let me know. Also: if you figure out how to grow out your hair in a fool-proof way,let me know. I'm in that awkward hair- growing- out phase. I look like John Bonham right now.

  4. oooh fun. i'm a smidge jealous as we're supposed to have snow in texas again today...ugg.

    i want those shades. i'm just sayin.

  5. oh, yeah!!! that sounds perfect and love your pics for the trip

  6. I have had the best luck with haircuts when I take in pictures of what I want and practice what I'm going to say beforehand. (Seriously!)

    Have fun in the sun!

  7. Mexico sounds awesome right about now! Enjoy your time there...

  8. so jealous. safe travels!

  9. You have to find the right hairdresser. Mine will cut my hair and say "whadda ya think?" I'll say "Go shorter." and she'll cut it again.
    Those sandals are great. Hope your trip is awesome.

  10. thats great.. hope you have fun.. loving those linen pants..

  11. well need the pants because they are classic...the shades bc you wouldn't want to get sun damage right? and everything else bc your going on vaca, right? have fun!
    i am doing a fun giveaway on my blog!! fun little fingerless gloves..if you have a lovely cupcake recipe to share (or just a fav. cupcake) come on over and check it out!! i'd love more ideas..i am baking my own for my wedding in june!!!
    thanks so much : )

  12. Love the pictures, hope you have a really great time!! I love the first picutre

  13. I always tell my stylist to cut it longer than I want. Then it's always perfect!
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