Bathroom Sconces

I have liked these Albion Double Sonces for a while, and now they are $59 from $159, pretty good deal. We have to re-do the master bath lighting to fit in the medicine cabinet I bought, oy vey. And since I was peaking around, I saw the Rutherford Outdoor Sconce today over at The Estate of Things and I am tempted. Mostly b/c our light by the back door went (as my dad would say, Kapoot, dat baby went belly-up.) And our fancy front door light requires special light bulbs and the sensor that is supposed to tell it to turn on only when it gets dark stopped working, and every morning I find it crooked, whuk? I mean, it looks like it is a secret door into some fancy squirrel speak easy or something, and they can't keep it closed right. So maybe we move it to the back (it is bright!) and put the purdy one in the front? Yes, I think yes.

Speaking of bathrooms, the perfect trash receptacle, sigh....$300 ta tahs.


  1. Must be lunch time: I read that as Bathroom Scones.
    Those are gorgeous. Can't wait to see your choice installed!

  2. Ooooh. Pretty lanterns. Pretty, indeed.

  3. Hey Michelle,
    Guess what, I had to return the orig sconces I bought for the master bath and made an even trade for the albion sconces. I have to tell you--I don't really like them, the glass shade is huge and the metal parts are much thicker than how they appear on the RH website. In brief, the scale is wrong. Pictures are coming soon. Thanks for the link and I love the chairs covered in Hable Const.

  4. Sarah, thanks for the heads up, we got ours yesterday, but I haven't looked at them yet. I have a similar light from RH and I like that, but it has only one Can't wait to see your photos!

  5. Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well. Thanks.

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