Several weeks ago, O and I put together three Hemnes shelves from Ikea, in white, as you can see. They are solid pine, and pretty. The bust is a thrift store find, that I painted with white spray primer, during a "bust" phase... I have still not styled the shelves, I just kind of put everything up there and left it...and got busy.


  1. I need to buy shelves - I suppose IKEA is my best bet. Unless I figure out how to convince someone to make me then for dirt cheap.


  2. I am really loving those shelves. You say they aren't styled but I think they look pretty nice. I love the bust too, my neighbor has a bust in her side yard and I think it looks fabulous.

  3. I love the bust, especially against the darker wall color!

  4. hi michelle!

    i totally love my new dash and albert rug (thanks for noticing!), but you are so right, it gets snagged by my dog and it's driving me crazy. if i didn't have a dog it would be a problem. but he scratches and rolls on it (he's learning not to!). so far i've been able to repair the snags, but it's a drag. i've had my eye on several d&a rugs and i think they're the best. maria has several and the quality is wonderful and they're pretty affordable as far as rugs go.


  5. the shelves look great for just throwing thing up there. keep the bust up there --looks great with the darker paint. hilarious that you had a bust phase...!

  6. Lena, thanks for the info! I love Dash and Albert rugs, I have a runner, and ever since I saw that one you have online, I have been pining after it!

    Shift, I did have a bust phase, hm, pretty mortifying. If blogger weren't such a bitch to post photos, I would post my inspiration folder for busts, it is pretty cool...

  7. AnonymousJuly 04, 2010

    They look great, almost built-in! I have many many (many!) books and they can easily get pretty cluttered looking. What works for me is arranging them by color, I have a separate shelf dedicated to black and white books, and the rest are arranged like the rainbow...pretty nerdy, eh? I'm have yet to fully update how it looks now, but I do have older pics where the shelves aren't as full. I am also a teak freak and have a full wall system against the entire wall with a huge vaulted ceiling, so it works out.

    Here are some older pics here:

    and here:


  8. they look fabulous to me. love the bust. hope to find one soon.

  9. Great blog! I'm an interior designer working in NYC and I always love finding another great interiors/art blog!

    I'll be checking back again! Feel free to check mine out at

  10. The bust is such a great find! It looks great!


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