Tuesday, July 20

Ian Carpenter

I love seeing other artist's work, naturally. And like everyone else, my taste is pretty specific, sometimes I don't even like my own paintings, but isn't that normal? Please tell me it is, don't shake your head and roll your eyes! Anyway, Ian Carpenter introduced himself to me, as we online dorks do, and I think his stuff is super duper. Have a look-see.


  1. Okay. Yes, I agree. That's why most of my paintings are hanging in my mom's house instead of mine. She has a huge collage painting that I did years ago. It is "me" to a T. But it took me forever and, quite frankly, I can't stand to even look at it. Funny, isn't it?

  2. Oh yes, my mom has one of those too, my very first painting, yikes. I hate looking at it!


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