Monday, July 12

I am actually a man, there I said it.

I love this bedroom, it is for a teenage boy, but if I had to choose, I would always go for the more masculine look. In fact, I have been dreaming about plaid curtains like that for winter time, but in softer colors. I have always suspected that I am really an old man, I love plaid, old wood (ahem,) the patina of old wood, black licorice, a neat scotch, scratchy old records and building things.

I totally have that red West Elm table too, I feel so special. That bathroom is amazing, I love it, totally going in my inspiration folder for our second bathroom; I want to remodel it first, for practice :) But that won't happen just yet. Still, I can daydream, can I? (yes mom, I said "totally" twice, I so totally love saying it, so there.)


  1. HA! Terrific post. I am *totally* drawn to the masculine look too, always have been. You will never find flowery or frilly fabrics in my place.

    So glad to find a kindred soul!

  2. That's a wonderful space! I love that bathroom!

  3. Great room! And thanks for your comment over at Specs Appeal. :)

    I see your point.

  4. Well if your a man then what am I? I'm thinking I have a split personality but can always appreciate a masculine room..especially in the living quarters.

  5. I love that bathroom - I especially love that brand of soap, it's a design-detail in itself!

    I'll be following your blog from now on - it would be lovely to see you at mine.

    Andrea X

  6. We are always totally on the same page. I adore plaid. Have always wanted plaid drapes. And, oh my!, that bathroom is PERFECT!


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