Friday, December 17

Posters are in the SHOP

I have had so many requests for posters that I finally bit the bullet and had a bunch printed.
Secret Garden, and Elka are available now, although I will be able to make many more depending on what you fancy.

This is what I would do if I were you. Buy one, of course, and when it arrives mount it onto Gator Board. Then frame the whole thing in a floating frame like this one, have them ship it to you in parts, and you can build it when it arrives to save on shipping. OR take it to a trusted framer who will mount it and frame it for you. I awesome or what! Don't answer that...especially if you were at UPS on Caroline street yesterday around 2pm...sorry about that, It was PMS, I swear.


  1. nice blog. i also like the paintings.

    maybe you would visit my blog:

  2. ACK!!! This excites me to no end!!
    Thanks for making the posters!!!!

  3. awesome! i'm excited to get one in the near future! thanks for the framing info too.


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