Saturday, December 11

Girlfriend wants a peach room!

I love Sarah's moody photos. I am obsessed with her aesthetic; vintage and little earthy with some serious elegance in there too. I kinda want to be her, adorable style with impeccable taste, not bad right? You too? I thought so.

Note to O: We are using this paint color in our home. I notice that you haven't said anything about it, which means you accept the terms and conditions of your silence: Tacit Agreement, as set forth in the articles of Marriage.


  1. That first image is breathtaking! I say go for it.

  2. That first image is amazing, almost vintage in it's exposure.

  3. i so want to be her. she has amazing taste and is hilarious. hooray! i think that is a gorgeous look for a room.

  4. I love that color!! I've been trying to find a place to use it in my own house for years now. The husband does not remain silent however. It will happen one day. Such lovely images!!!


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