Thursday, January 6

That blue fabric with just talked about...

'Member that fabric from down there?? Found it here, on this chair. Purdy groovy no? I think I changed my mind about having patterned curtains though, I will get tired of them, I just know. I think today I have to not work, and go look at furniture, do you agree? I thought so. I wish you could come with me!


  1. I totally support that. I SO wish I could come with you! Sigh. If you happen to see a beautiful glider that would be great for baby and not make me want to die (in a hideous decor kind of way), please, PLEASE let me know. Oye.

  2. I am in complete agreement. Today you must go look at furniture. Go. Shoo.

  3. that looks comfortable!
    i like your blog:)

  4. Good luck furniture shopping!! Love this fabric!!!

  5. Where did you go and did you buy anything?

  6. All your furniture are Outstanding,This is a Amazing Fabric work.. sweet pillow...

  7. I really like the blue fabric and it looks great on the chair. I wouldn't have thought of putting the pattern cushion with the chair but I think it looks great - like the colours in it. I always try to play safe and would have automatically placed plain fabric cushions in there - but you have given me something to think about!

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  9. Pretty!! I love the way it looks on the chair!

  10. Hi Michelle..
    love this chair!!
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  11. You've used interesting fabrics for your chair, the color scheme is marvelous, it's so relaxing, just wanna jump in.


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