Wednesday, January 19

Marlena Chair + Blue for thought

These are our chairs. I went, I sat, I decided. Dark brownish gray velvet. Amen.

On another note, that Sheila B living room was probably not painted with Oval Room Blue, I got the sample, and it looks very different. I am going for a softer, greyer blue, or a brighter, happier one. Soooo

Another view of the same room. I love the tone on tone here. 

Woodlawn Blue, by Benjamin Moore

Smoke by Benjamin Moore

Wedgwood Grey by Benjamin Moore

Nantucket Fog by Benjamin Moore

Oh yes, and Gossamer blue, I really love this one.
Thoughts? Experience?


  1. No experience with any of those colors but I would just start painting swatches. Color just changes so much when you get it in the space! I have had many a re-do on painting. I love the monochromatic blue direction serene.
    Love those chairs too....just used them in a inspiration board earlier this week!

  2. That looks like one comfortable chair.

  3. I really love the Nantucket Fog. And furthermore, I love Benjamin Moore paint.
    If you want a duskier blue with a tad bit more gray in it, I have Benjamin Moore's Winter Lake in my bathroom. I would share a pic, but the lighting would be weird right now.

  4. We used colors similar to your options on our little cottage. I adore the way they change light different times of day. Check them out at

  5. AnonymousJuly 31, 2011

    Love the dresser in the middle picture. Do you know where it's from? Also what paint color is that, I can't determine if that's smoke or wedgwood gray? Thanks!


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