Thursday, April 21

Kitchen lighting decided

I finally...finally chose a light fixture for the kitchen...Behold the Large Amphora Bell Jar pendant from Circa...50% off! I think maybe with cool bulbs. 
these, or these?



  1. Oops... where did my comment go? Sorry if it pops up twice, my computer just burped or something.

    Love the antique-look Circa chandelier. Not what I expected and quite gorgeous! Especially with the prismatic chandy bulbs. Love it.

  2. Half off! Hells yeah! I'm liking those second bulbs.

  3. I'm with Susie, I love those prismatic (ooo, fancy word) bulbs with that chandelier. Definitely unexpectedly beautiful.

  4. agree...those prismatic ones are the best.
    great choice. timeless. you won't tire of it.

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  7. Did you place this fixture already? I think the last one is apt :)


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