I just keep adding small items to the shop every week or so, they sell so nice and quiet now, so peaceful....Off to do taxes.

I just love giving money to my government! OOOhh goody, who are they going to bomb with my money next? yeah! What kind of weapons deals are they going to make with Kadafi with my money? Maybe they will use it to research a giant microwave they can aim at middle eastern countries who deserve democracy, you know, on account of how much oil they got under them their's feet there. In all seriousness, with my taxes they can hardly pay for the state issued "official banana clips of freedom" Hillary Clinton uses on state business.


  1. Pretty art! Cogent argument! But seriously, taxes totally suck except when you consider that they do support good things like free quality education for all or universal healthcare...oh, wait, we don't have those things.

    Hopefully there's a big refund in your future!

  2. Don't even get me started on government. Thank God you posted a pretty painting with this so that I didn't fly off the handle and start throwing things.

  3. This looks like a new color combo for you. Love the brown and red together against those greens. So nice. We're filing an extension on our taxes -- not at all ready. Oh well...

  4. I had to stop by after reading your interview in High Gloss Magazine. Your art work totally stopped me dead in my tracks...well, maybe not tracks...more like my office chair, and I just wanted to let you know how gorgeous I think it all is. I'm a total whore for color, and your paintings hit the right spot. They're fabulous, they really are. Congratulations on the interview!
    xo Deirdre

  5. I love what you do. It's beautiful.

  6. Taxes suck. Your art, however, is phenomenal. Love the color palette you're working with...

  7. i am so with you on your stupid money sucking government shit faces war douches pov. and i like your pretty paintings a lot.

  8. I hate taxes, too. I mean, I want the potholes to be filled but I always feel like I'm getting screwed.

    Anyway - love your work! Just did a little tiny post about it on my blog:

    Happy Tuesday!

  9. I always like to imagine that each penny of my tax money specifically goes only to children in need, public libraries, etc.-- otherwise, I just start feeling sick.

    On a happier note, LOVE the new work! So inspiring!


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