Stuff no one needs, especially me...but is pretty anyway

Some things I love from Net-a-porter browsing late at night...

I always want stuff I see by Raquel Allegra, but this really intriguing to me. I know my mother is cringing "she looks like she is wearing a giant t-shirt and squatted into some bleach!" I can't help myself, I like it!

Who pays 2k for a frigg'n sweater! Go to hell sweater.
Come to momma big chunky sweater that will make me look 20 lb heavier...oh yeah, I am gonna stuff some tissues in those pockets. A fab fart blocker I can see too. This one gets a 10 from me, and about a 2 from O, winning one point cuz it is big enough for him to borrow, and one point for that fart thing.


  1. That sweater really costs that much? I was really loving that thing until you told me that. Gees.

  2. Gotta say, that was the funniest fashion post I've ever read! I happen to love all of your choices, especially the first dress. I think it's exquisite!

  3. Lisa purdumJuly 31, 2011

    i love that odd dress! sexy in an ODD way. I love how just the legs show like "what is this long sweatshirt sexy???". I want it too!

  4. Thanks for bringing in a touch of reality. If you spend 2k for a sweater, you can eat me. Or pay off one of my student loans. I'd accept either.

  5. We must find knock-offs STAT~ These are awesome for Fall.Who do we know that's a knock-off hunting queen?

  6. Michelle - I peek at your blog from time to time to see your lovely work and home, but I keep coming so I can hear classy hilariousness such as a fart blocker sweater. So true! Love it.

  7. You are one of my funniest friends - love your posts!! Just love thinking of all the tissues I could jam in those pockets... the fart blocker was indeed a classy touch!! LOL Awesome.


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