Sunday, July 24

Rebecca Chair

I have loved this chair for a long time. Finally, it was a floor sample! AHA! A bunch of butts have broken it in for me, now she lives in our kitchen.

WHAT? Your Kitchen? Yes, shit, don't yell.

O said we had to have a chair in the kitchen (for him to lounge in while I cook, or for me to sprawl myself out and sigh repeatedly and heavily while he is mixing me a drink). So I accepted an Ikea chair in there for a few months, but enough is enough already. There are a lot of places to sit in our home, we take our lounging quite seriously.


  1. It's beautiful. Love that mushroom velvet. Now you need an ottoman to put your feet up and a little gilded side table for your cocktail.

  2. That's a great idea! I want to put one of our wing backs in our bathroom.

  3. love the shape and fabric! i think it works perfectly in the space!!

  4. That chair rocks! Such beautiful lines.

  5. Oh hell no gurl make him cook! While you sit. And watch.

  6. Errm that chair is amazing... I could use one.


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