Thursday, August 11

Cutest Nursery!

I have a bajillion blogs in my reader, and one that I always skip right to is Elements of Style. I love Erin's taste in almost everything. It isn't exactly like my taste, but that is what I love about reading her blog, I am introduced to so many cool new things.

Anyway, this nursery she posted from one of her readers this morning is perfect. PERFECT. I admit to quite despising the pastel and baby motif room, why can't it be as stylish and cool as the rest of the house?

Note to self, buy some freaking Josef Frank pillows already! 


  1. Wow, Mich. That room *is* perfect. Just seriously gorgeous. Swoon.

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  3. Yup, those pillows are somethin'! I love the yellow.
    That is one amazingly put together room!
    I hope you don't mind but I have you in my links on my blog - love stopping by to see what you post. Mind you, I took a "little" (lengthy) Time-Out from blogging and now am back and so excited to be in touch with these (yours being one of them) great blogs. Looking forward to visiting again soon.

  4. Wow what a nursery, lucky baby & yes the pillows are gorgeous!


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