Tuesday, August 9

Right this minute

This is what the studio looks like from my desk. I have a headache because I ate an entire Almond Horn cookie from the farmers market, sheesh.

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I am trying to fight that feeling that I must be productive for every second of every day. It makes me a miserable person, a dismissive wife, and an absent friend. I am not going to feel bad about going home and maybe skipping my workout (why do I feel like I have to be impressively fit for my trainer, who is training me to be fitter? WTF!) Perhaps even having a glass of wine. I know I will end up in my home studio (knook) and paint...I can't help myself!


  1. What a nice, airy studio. I'm off to become one of your extra special friends :)

  2. Love the new studio!! So bright and friendly! As always, love the piece hanging - beautiful!!

  3. As an artist...I feel your pain. When I am not painting ,I feel that I should be and when I am painting ,I feel I am missing something else. geesh!
    Love your studio. Lucky girl!!

  4. I know what you mean! Though I've been excusing myself from anything productive for longer than I should lately :)

    Dishes and laundry especially...


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