Thursday, December 22

See you on the flippity flop

Peace Out 
This girl will be off the grid until Tuesday, January 10th. Since I will be celebrating the New Year five hours in the future, I will send a message back if aliens come or something, mkay.

My version of Christmas cheer, or an Australian guy shouting at his mate.  OY 36x48

One of my happiest, I think. Can you guess what I was listening to? So mortifying.  Night Bus 36x18

I look at this and my brain says: Pump up the jam, pump it up...Wait, there's jam? Does this mean I live in a world where I can eat toast! Get the foink out of my way, there is toast to be had!!


  1. Enjoy your journey. And when you return, you should really let us see that new haircut. I bet it looks smashing. Merry Christmas, Michelle.

  2. Have an amazing trip, Michelle! Happy everything to you and the Mister!

  3. Seriously, I'm gonna need to plan my wardrobe accordingly for that kind of occasion. Oh, the pressure of a first date. In the meantime, merry, merry to you, my dear! xo

  4. I really love your work! It has such a bright, playful quality to it. Someone left a link to your blog on pinterest and I thought I'd check it out. Wonderful stuff.


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