In-laws house

I am super blessed to have really great in-laws, all of them, every member of the family is great. I am not just saying that because my MIL reads this blog, occasionally (hi Linda!). When I first met O, I was very hesitant to meet his family, like I refused for about five months. I was totally, hopelessly in love with him and not ready for anything to mess up my dreamy little bubble. I shouldn't have worried so much!

Love all of the vignettes around. O's sister gave them some of my prints for Christmas a few years ago.


Fruit pastels by O's aunt, illustration over the mantel is by his sister (I think).
They have a cozy dinning room with built-ins and lots of books and art (and toys for the grand kids.) I love the layering.

Pattern over pattern over pattern....the best!
  I love going to visit them, not just because I love to spend time with them, but also because their home is a delight! It is very cozy and comfortable, stylish and approachable. Filled with luscious textiles and objects collected from all over the world, not to mention art. Plus O's father, who is an architect designed the house himself. I was there this weekend, where I proceeded to fall asleep on the sofa after brunch, they tell me that I do that so often that they just expect me to go right to the sofa after we eat. teehee

Coffee Table
How bonkers is that chest!

Great door, I think they bought it in the middle east, not sure though.

Just one of the millions of stunning rugs in that house.

I finally took some pictures with my phone, isn't it great! It is so true that your home reflects who you are, and how you live your life. I think what I love most about this home is that it is a reflection of people who like to spend time together, and share experiences. It feels cozy because it is filled with love and is full of memories and stories. Isn't it inspiring! What would your home say about you? Mine would say I like nice things, and I like to be comfortable, but it would also scream that a very disorganized and distracted person lives here too :)


  1. What a beautiful home! I love that you can tell their is a history with the objects and they have been collected over a lifetime.

  2. i'm amazed! nelya will downright shit in her pants.
    i am also amazed at how awesomely your phone takes pictures. is it a phone from space?

  3. I have no idea how you refrain from not stealing....everything. You must never, ever let me get near that place! ;0)

  4. Hahaha...I just saw Jenny's comment! The girl knows me so well. Poopy pants, indeed. Seriously, that is my vision of heaven, all boho, exotic textiles and textures and beautifully inlaid and hammered objet. Breathtaking!

  5. good in-laws don't get enough their creative space

  6. O's father's coffee table reminds me of my dad's. He too, was an architect, and always had lots of fun games and puzzles sitting there. That was neat to see!

  7. thanks for the lovely blog on our house. i had no idea it looked that good until your photos. we all think our pads could use an update/change/redo but guess I will keep it the way it is. besides, I am just too lazy to bother with a remake. delighted you feel at home when you come and we are always delighted to have your warm presence...even asleep on the sofa. ;) bring your friends over sometime for a lebanese mezza.
    love & light to you,


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