Howdy ya'll. I am super sorry I didn't offer up a fresh post of hotness on Monday morning, this is sort of like my Monday today...And I locked my keys in the car. Yes. Things have been crazy and I am needing a break like no other, especially because a lot of the crazy things have been personal. No one died, thank gawd, except maybe my innocence. HA! says my innocence, I am a ghost bitch!

There are two interviews I did that I thought touched a lot on what we have been discussing here lately. So maybe have a read if you are so inclined. One, Two.

This picture is so cozy, I will just pretend those are my slippers there, and I have gone to answer the door because a man is bringing me tandoori chicken....ahhhhhh


  1. How funny, I posted the very same image today. Something about that color pairing is so intriguing.

    Tandoori chicken...mmm. Time for lunch!

  2. I really like that rug. And how everything looks like it's been painted with milk paint. Now, I'm going to read your interviews.

  3. Been thinking 'bout you lots!!

    PS-my long-gone innocence just laughed at yours - all "bwahahahahaha" like and shit.


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