Thursday, September 27

A Tizzun: noun, meaning a fuckload

Ya'll, I put a tizzun of new stuff in the store this past week. I have a show coming up in October, on Friday the 26th. Mark your calendars! Anyway, so that means I am slower than usual to stock it up. Well just now there are many new large and small pieces to choose from.

On Monday I have a fun announcement, whink wink nudge nudge.

Code 18x18, 200usd.
I think I watched mission impossible and I was all like....this is a code!

I'm ready for it, 18x36, 500usd.
A song...I listend and thats what the lyrics where so there you have it.

Santal Blush 36x48, 1500usd
Named for the Tom Ford perfume, b/c its pretty, I don't know what it smells like though.

Valentina 48x48, 1800usd.
Named for the little Argentinian girl in the bathroom of Bemelmans bar who was having a break down with her mom, insisting that her name was Valentina, and that was that. No matter what her actual name was.

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  1. Hmmmm, trying to figure out how I can get a tizzun of Code into my mix without my hubs telling me I'm in a tizzun of trouble. Balls.


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